GDPR compliance & Doorbell

GDPR has been written about more than enough, so we'll save you yet another explanation of what it is.

If you're reading this, you probably already know what GDPR is, and want to know if Doorbell is compliant or not.

So, the short answer is:

Doorbell is GDPR compliant

The details

If you need to know more about GDPR and how Doorbell is compliant, read on.

The longer answer is that we are compliant as a Data Controller and as a Data Processor.

As a Data Processor, the personal information of your customers is not sent anywhere outside of Doorbell. Doorbell will never send any messages to your customers, unless it is a message that you are sending via the Doorbell platform.

As a Data Controller, your information is only sent to 3rd parties where it is needed, if you explicitly opt-in (newsletter).

Right to erasure ("right to be forgotten")

If you get a "forget me" request from one of your customers, and you need their information removed from Doorbell as well, please contact us at

Data retention

In Doorbell you have the ability to configure a data retention period, so conversations can be permanently deleted after the specified period of inactivity.

If there is any other specific part of GDPR you have a question about or if there's something else GDPR related that you need, please contact us!

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