iOS documentation


Doorbell requires iOS 7 or newer.

You can include Doorbell via CocoaPods. You can find it here

In the ViewController where you want to use Doorbell, you'll need to import the library using:

#import "Doorbell/Doorbell.h"


There are 4 attributes that you can set on the Doorbell object: NSString *email, NSString *name, BOOL showEmail, and BOOL showPoweredBy

There are 4 methods that you can call on the Doorbell object: (id)initWithApiKey:(NSString *)apiKey appId:(NSString *)appID, (Doorbell*)doorbellWithApiKey:(NSString *)apiKey appId:(NSString *)appID, (void)addPropertyWithName:(NSString*)name AndValue:(id)value;, and (void)showFeedbackDialogInViewController:(UIViewController *)vc completion:(DoorbellCompletionBlock)completion animated:(bool)animated:


    // In your ViewController
    NSString *appId = @"YOUR-APP-ID-GOES-HERE";
    NSString *appKey = @"YOUR-API-KEY-GOES-HERE";

    Doorbell *feedback = [Doorbell doorbellWithApiKey:appKey appId:appId]; = @""; = @"Philip";
    [feedback addPropertyWithName:@"username" AndValue:@"manavo"];
    [feedback showFeedbackDialogInViewController:self completion:^(NSError *error, BOOL isCancelled) {
        if (error) {
            NSLog(@"%@", error.localizedDescription);
    } animated:true];