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Screenshots & attachments

Use our automatically generated screenshots to have fully understand what the customer was experiencing when they submitted their feedback.

If the screenshot isn't enough, your customers can always attach their own files.

Canned and auto replies

Send an automatic reply to customers when they submit new feedback.

Having high volumes of feedback? Use canned responses to reply even faster.

Whitelabel / Custom domain

You can fully hide the Doorbell branding, and truly make the experience your own.

You can even use a custom domain, so all email notifications sent to your customers come from your own domain.


Doorbell is designed to work in multilingual environments, so you can translate every part of the form.

The language of your website or app is automatically detected, and all requests & responses will use the correct language.

Internal notes

Need to confer with your team before replying to the customer?

Have a conversation on the side with your teammates about any individual bit of feedback.


Want to get some quantitative feedback as well?

Enable NPS ratings and have an easy and measurable metric of customer satisfaction.


We take security very seriously, so Doorbell is frequently audited by security specialists.

Our database is encrypted at rest, and we of course have features like 2 Factor Authentication to help keep your account safe.

Sentiment analysis

All feedback is passed through sentiment analysis algorithms, and automatically tagged as positive/neutral/negative.

Search and filter conversations based on these tags to find the happiest or angriest customers.

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